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Window Cleaning


EMI provides a complete range of eco-friendly commercial cleaning, we do it well, and we are the best in the industry today.

We are committed to ensuring that every client property reflects the highest industry standards for cleanliness, health, and ecological sustainability. EMI's High-Performance Green Cleaning Program is our proprietary, all-inclusive approach to cleaning. This program blends EMI's traditional cleaning philosophy and methods with today's green cleaning principles and innovative processes, products, and technologies.

Using EMI's High-Performance Green Cleaning Program as a foundation, we develop a customized, building-specific cleaning plan for each client that integrates their individual requirements and requests. Each plan reflects the range of services (below) selected by our clients and suited for the property. The services may be incorporated in the base cleaning agreement, or separately contracted according to the client's wishes.

With a client retention rate exceeding 95% since 2005, we know that our customers are pleased with EMI's comprehensive, eco-friendly cleaning performance and our unsurpassed customer service.


EMI will meet and exceed all commercial cleaning needs including:

Full-Range Janitorial Services

  • Dusting

  • Disinfecting surfaces

  • Hard Surface Floor Maintenance

  • Recycling support

  • Restroom cleaning

  • Trash removal

  • Vacuuming

Unparalleled Green Cleaning Expertise

  • High-Performance Green Cleaning Program incorporating green processes, products, and equipment

  • LEED-EB O&M consultations

Professional Carpet Cleaning

  • Dry extraction

  • Encapsulation

  • Bonnet shampoo

Daytime Cleaning Schedule

  • Ideal for high-security spaces

  • Conserves energy

Specialty Services

  • Day porter

  • Expert Floor Maintenance 

  • Recycling program

  • Construction clean-up

  • Pressure washing

  • Emergency on-call services (24 hours a day, 7 days a week)

Pandemic Response Cleaning

Electrostatic Disinfecting

  • Provides 360º coverage with less waste

  • Places a powerfully positive charge on disinfectant as it leaves the spray nozzle

  • Greater adhesion and attraction (electromagnetic theory)

  • Disinfectant is more targeted


COVID-19 Disinfecting

Maintain a healthy building!

 EMI will prepare your building for your returning workforce.

Our Commitment to Sustainability 

Sustainable Cleaning

Our proprietary High-Performance Green Cleaning Program blends our traditional cleaning philosophy and methods with state-of-the-art green cleaning principles, products, techniques, and equipment. EMI's work creates more sustainable properties that are healthy, safe, and productive.

Teaming with Green Industry Experts

EMI uses independent, third-party certifying organizations such as:

  • U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC)

  • Green Seal

  • Carpet & Rug Institute.

This is to ensure all aspects of EMI's High-Performance Green Cleaning Program incorporate the highest standards in the industry today.

High-Performance Green Cleaning Program

  • A detailed transition plan for implementing our green cleaning program

  • Use of Green Seal-certified GS-37 chemicals, products and equipment

  • Quality control inspections and communication protocols

  • For clients seeking LEED-EB: O&M certification, an assessment of points earned towards certification and a customized, building-specific green cleaning plan.

Building Wellness Institute

  • The core of our High Performance Green Cleaning Program are well-trained and carefully screened employees.

  • The Building Wellness Institute is the established leader in green cleaning training and education.

  • Employees receive comprehensive GS-42 training.

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